Resident Testimonials

“At Borden Cottage, I found the serenity to accept the things I cannot change and the courage to change the things I can. Here, I was given the tools to work towards finding the wisdom to know the difference. I found peace in this setting that allowed me to do the hard work to make a better life for my children and for myself.”

“Upon my arrival at Borden Cottage, the staff immediately made me feel as though I had come home. They answered all my questions and made me feel heard, creating an environment where I felt valued and understood. I was impressed by Borden Cottage’s approach to involve us actively in shaping our future plans. The staff, alongside the breathtaking views of Borden, will be deeply missed. I am thankful for the time I spent at Borden Cottage.”

“Everyone at Borden Cottage was very supportive of my process. I’ve been to treatment for rehab before; the attention to detail at Borden Cottage was superior.”

“Borden Cottage has everything you’d want and expect from a luxury rehab. What sets it apart is an incredible staff. It feels like everyone, from your case manager to the maintenance staff, is supporting your recovery.”

“Borden Cottage is an ideal and comfortable place to recover. The house and surrounding area are beautiful, the food is sensational, the facilities offer many fun ways to pass the time when not immersed in individual treatment, and most importantly, the staff are wonderful, caring people.”

“The support I received at Borden throughout my journey was exceptional. Having been in rehab treatment before, I found the level of care to be commendable elsewhere, but Borden’s attention to detail surpassed my previous experiences, making it truly superior.”

“Everyone was very supportive rehab, which was good, but in general, the attention to detail at Borden was superior.”

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“Borden Cottage is an amazing place where unmasked superheroes work to help bring you back to life. I feel like I am walking out the door wearing my own cape. Now I feel I have the tools and the skills to combat my addiction and remain sober and free.”

Professional  Testimonials

“The clinical staff’s collaborative approach ensures a unified strategy toward each client’s care, with specialists from various fields working harmoniously to wrap support around each individual. In a setting that feels both expansive and intimate, this cohesive team effort elevates the quality of care to exceptional levels.” – Medical Provider

“Collaboration and communication are key components of effective treatment. Borden Cottage excels in this area, providing transparent, regular updates and fostering an environment where advocacy and support go hand in hand.” – Behavioral Health Specialist

“Borden Cottage is more than a treatment center; it’s a place where exceptional clinical care meets breathtaking beauty, where clients are treated and truly understood and supported on their journey to recovery.” – Referring Medical Provider