We are dedicated to delivering unparalleled individualized care. At Borden Cottage, our multi-disciplinary team embraces a strengths-based, person-centered care model, utilizing a combination of evidence-based modalities, neuropsychological testing, comprehensive assessments, and peer recovery support.

We work with you to ensure you and your client can successfully navigate the path to recovery together.

What Your Client Can Expect at Borden Cottage

Our team at Borden Cottage includes  full-time psychiatric and medical staff, therapists, and wellness experts, ensuring comprehensive care seven days a week.

We prioritize gaining deep insights into cognitive functioning and overall clinical profiles through neuropsychological testing and comprehensive clinical assessments.

Our team collaborates closely with clients to design individualized programs that integrate evidence-based therapies, medication assessments, and holistic wellness initiatives.

Our treatment programs feature a range of innovative modalities, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), mindfulness, and art therapy. Additionally, we offer various 12-step programs, both in-house and in the community, providing opportunities for peer recovery and exposure to diverse styles of recovery support, such as Dharma Recovery, AA, and addiction-specific groups.

Recognizing the importance of tailoring treatment to individual needs, we maintain program design and scheduling flexibility throughout each resident’s stay. This personalized approach fosters highly person-centered care, nurturing supportive and therapeutic relationships that facilitate recovery and enhance self-awareness and progress.

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