Borden Cottage is a sanctuary of healing

A haven of luxury and privacy on the coast of Maine, Borden Cottage provides unparalleled treatment and a transformative experience that unites the power of compassion, clinical expertise, and human connection and guides you to a pathway of recovery.

We have created a special place for self-discovery, where you are enveloped in a nurturing care environment.

Our holistic, multi-disciplinary team uses a strengths-based, person-centered care model, enhanced by the sense of place, ocean views, and serene seclusion.

With a high staff-to-guest ratio and no more than eight residents at Borden at a time, we offer an intimate experience.

We provide a highly individualized treatment and recovery environment with evidence-based and wellness modalities delivered by licensed psychiatric and medical professionals.

During your stay at Borden Cottage, immerse yourself in therapeutic activities, from expressive arts therapy and yoga to personal training, meditation, mindfulness, tai chi, and nature therapy.

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Meals Borden Cottage


Meals Borden Cottage

While at Borden Cottage, an in-house executive chef will prepare your meals. Our menus feature local, seasonal produce, meat, and seafood.

Meals are enjoyed together in the communal dining room, within the ambiance of a restored 1950’s diner, or outdoors on the ocean-facing deck during warmer months.

We are fully equipped to cater to your individual dietary preferences and restrictions, aiming to rekindle a love for healthy and delicious eating.


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