Lasting Recovery Starts Here

Our holistic, multi-disciplinary team utilizes a strengths-based, person-centered care model, enhanced by the sense of place, the beauty of our ocean views, and the serene private campus.

Utilizing evidence-based modalities, neuropsychological testing, assessments, peer recovery, and wellness treatments, we fully immerse you in a caring environment that will prepare you for recovery and a life that is more vibrant than before.

Expert Team

Our team includes full-time psychiatric and medical staff, therapists, and wellness experts. We are committed to delivering compassionate care, clinical expertise, and meaningful human connection.

Our collaborative approach is centered around your recovery. We prioritize communication and coordination among team members to ensure you receive the highest standard of care. From our medical director to our chef, nurses, psychiatrists, and personal trainer, every team member plays a role in crafting and delivering your individualized treatment program.

We have medical and psychiatric providers available seven days a week.

Individualized Treatment

individual therapy Borden Cottage

We conduct neuropsychological testing and comprehensive clinical assessments to gain insights into your cognitive functioning and overall clinical profile. Working closely with you, our team collaborates to design a program that integrates evidence-based individual and group therapies, medication assessments, and holistic wellness initiatives.

Your treatment program may include individual and group therapies. Our cutting-edge treatment modalities include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), mindfulness, and art therapy. Our wellness activities include personal training, yoga, tai chi, and recovery support groups.

individual therapy Borden Cottage