Residential Treatment

Residential treatment is a commitment to your recovery, laying the groundwork for profound and lasting transformation.

Residential treatment offers insulation from the everyday pressures of life, cutting-edge treatment, support, compassion, and human connection. It fosters a nurturing and structured environment conducive to introspection and growth.

Residential treatment equips you with practical tools and unwavering support to recognize and manage triggers, develop effective coping mechanisms, and enhance interpersonal relationships.

Borden Cottage Maine

Research consistently underscores the positive relationship between extended stays in residential treatment and enhanced effectiveness. Extending your duration of stay in residential treatment can be beneficial if you have faced challenges such as:

  • Relapse
  • Prior treatment episodes
  • Complex detox needs
  • Co-occurring disorders
  • External consequences due to substance use.

This extended time allows for more intensive support and comprehensive treatment, addressing underlying issues and enhancing the chances of sustained recovery.

With up to only eight residents at Borden Cottage at a time, we provide a haven for healing, recovery, and personal growth facilitated by a team fully committed to your holistic well-being.

A Holistic, Person-Centered Approach to Recovery

individualized treatment substance use disorder

A person-centered approach to recovery is about treating you with dignity and respect and involving you in decisions about your treatment and care. It offers a multifaceted approach to recovery, facilitating personal growth and empowerment. Through a person-centered approach, you can enhance your confidence, cultivate a deeper sense of self, and embrace the value of recovery. By disconnecting from substance use challenges and fostering positive awareness, you can identify and address your stressors while developing effective coping strategies.

A person-centered approach to recovery helps you to recognize and leverage your personal strengths, ultimately fostering a renewed sense of hope and resilience on the journey towards lasting sobriety.

individualized treatment substance use disorder
Residential Treatment Substance Use Disorder